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Vocabulary – A Day In The Kindergarten

Come here, (everyone)! Make a circle, please! Let’s say hello / hi to each other! Let’s sing the morning song. Let’s count. How many children are here / in our class today? // 1-16. How many boys / girls are here today? How many children are missing today? Let’s...

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Vocabulary Changing Season

WORDS, CHUNKS AND PHRASES: CHANGING SEASONSred/ orange/ yellow/ brown leaf / leaveswhite snow / snowflake(s) / snowman / snowmengrey cloud(s)black tree(s)gold / silver star(s)pink / purple flower(s) and blossomgreen grassblue water / sky / planetyellow sun / candlelightcolourful rainbowWhat’s the season now? // It’s spring / summer / autumn...

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