Gradinita CU Program Prelungit Perlutele Marii – ROMANIA

  • Organisation ID: E10004228
  • Address: STR MIHAI VITEAZUL 56
  • Country: Romania
  • Postal Code: 900191
  • Telephone: +40341439652

Background and Experience

GRǍDINIȚA PROGRAM PRELUNGIT PERLUȚELE MǍRII is one of the best public early childhood institutions in Constanta, Romania (with 8 classrooms and 230 children, 3-6 years old). It is a 10 hour, 5-day program that provides a creative, supportive, nurturing learning environment for children (three meals and sleep session available). The kindergarten provides extensive opening hours that take account of the needs of working parents. The kindergarten staff is interested in offering a high-quality early childhood education and care to all children from age three to age five. There are 16 qualified teachers and one school psychologist. The number of the paid employees is 31 (there are 2 cooks among them; no unpaid volunteers). There are also 2 medical nurses 12 hours/ a day and one school doctor supervising their activity.

The programmes aim to develop the social and emotional competence and promote the cognitive, language, literacy and numeracy skills of pre-primary children to provide them with a fair start in primary school. Our educational programs have been trying to promote science learning and create multiple and varied opportunities to engage preschoolers in science exploration and discovery. Children have a natural proclivity to observe, experiment, explore, learn, and discover the world around them. We encourage and support these basic abilities for science learning among children in the early years. The annual educational offer of the kindergarten offers English as a second language (ESL) at early ages (optional activities included in School-based curriculum), which are highly requested by the parents for their children.

The School Council, the Head Teacher, the teaching staff and the school community are involved in the school life and they work together. The families support the staff and collaborate on the projects. The School Parents’ Association supports the carrying on of different projects initiated by school and our local community to develop at our students creative and free personalities. Constanta County is situated in southeastern Romania. It is bordered to the north by Tulcea County, to the south by Bulgaria, to the east by the Black Sea, and to the west by the Danube, natural border. The county’s geography is dominated by plateau structures of reduced altitude. Meadow lakes, estuaries and lagoons (Oltina, Sinoe, Tasaul, Techirghiol, Mangalia) are specific to this area. The county is also host to part of the surface of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation. The soil is composed, mostly, of chernozems specific to the Dobrogea steppe.

Forests and terrains featuring forest-like vegetation cover small areas. According to the Constanta Environment Protection Agency, the county is host to 38 protected natural areas. The entire littoral area has wide, sunny beaches, featuring 9-12 hours of sun exposure a day, fresh or salt water lakes and therapeutic sapropelic mud, mineral springs, and, sometimes, high cliffs. Constanta is part of Dobrogea (Dobrudja) area which is an ethnic mosaic and a model of understanding multiculturalism. In Dobrogea, together with Romanian people here live other ethnic groups, each with its specific tradition, culture and religion. In Dobrogea area cohabits members of 34 different ethnic groups. In Constanta here are important communities of Turks and Tatars, Aromanians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Lippovan-Russians, Macedonians, Magyars, Germans, Ukrainians and Roma people. Constanta City is situated on the Black Sea Coast and the kindergarten is 15 minutes walking distance from the beach. Teacher and preschoolers often take a walk or have different
extracurricular activities on the beach.

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