• Organisation ID: E10251097
  • Legal name: Zasa secondary school
  • National ID (if applicable): 4513900263
  • Address: Zasas vidusskola, Zasas pagasts
  • Country: Latvia
  • Postal Code: LV-5239
  • City: Jēkabpils novads
  • Telephone +37165220730

Background and Experience

Zasa secondary school is a public general education school located in the countryside. There are 152 students from primary to secondary stage and 48 children in pre-school groups, aged 1.5 to 6 years. The pre-school groups have been working from the year 2012; the children are divided into groups according to their age: 1.5-3 year-olds, 4-5 year-olds and 6- year-olds.

There are 6 pre-school teachers and 3 teachers’ assistants in pre-school groups altogether, but in the target group (4-5 year-olds) there are 2 teachers and one assistant. Starting from September 2019, our pre-school groups, as well as other pre-school educational establishments in Latvia, have started a new approach in early childhood education and care (ECEC) – based on competencies, which means that children learn by actively participating, doing and researching through games and other exciting integrated activities, in groups or individually participating in several provided learning environments or centres: nature, role-plays, construction, language, maths, health and sports, etc. – about a common topic planned by the pre-school teachers for at least one month. The topics are introduced according to the children’s interests and choices, also taking into account the seasons and national or traditional festivities. The children to the pre-school groups come from the local area – Jēkabpils county, as well as the city of Jēkabpils, also from socially disadvantaged and low-income families, as the school provides all children with free meals, a school bus and possibility to stay at the school boarding house for a whole week.

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