Vocabulary – A Day In The Kindergarten

Come here, (everyone)! Make a circle, please! 

Let’s say hello / hi to each other!  

Let’s sing the morning song. 

Let’s count. How many children are here / in our class today? // 1-16.  How many boys / girls are here today? How many children are missing today?  

Let’s warm up! Stretch your body.  

What’s the day today? // It’s Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday /  (Saturday / Sunday).  

What’s the season now? // It’s spring / summer / autumn / winter. 

How’s the weather today? / What’s the weather like today? // It’s sunny / (partly) cloudy  overcast / rainy / windy / foggy / snowy / frosty / stormy .  

Put on your backpacks. 

Let’s go. // Let’s go for a walk / to the forest / to the labyrinth.  

I am the first, she is the last. Don’t walk in front of me, don’t walk behind her. / I am the last, she is the first. Don’t walk behind me, don’t walk in front of her. 

Take out your snack (box) / (water) bottle / towel / raincoat / hankie / handkerchief / extra  (pair of) socks / tights / (under)pants / briefs / knickers / panties / knife.  

Wash your / my hands, please. Dry your hands, please.  

Eat your snack / lunch / apple / banana / bread / cheese / chocolate bar / pancakes … Drink some water / tea / juice …, please. 

It’s time to play.  

Let’s go / walk back (to the kindergarten).  

Let’s go inside. Take off your … 

Let’s set / lay the tables. Sit around the table(s). Please, bring spoons / forks / knives / your  bottle / mug / bowl /plate. Let’s serve the soup / main dish / main course. Pass me the  spoon, please. Let’s sing a grace song. Wash your plate / spoon, please.

Lie in your sleeping bag. Relax. Breathe in and breathe out. Listen to a story / a fairytale. Wake up. Put on your … 

(Let’s) go outside. It’s time to have a snack. It’s time to play. 

Clean up time. Put away / Tady away the bucket / spade / trowel / rake / broom / truck /  watering can. Tidy up the room / outdoor kitchen / sandpit.  

Let’s count down – 5,4,3,2,1. Say goodbye.

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